Jewelry holds a special place in our hearts, as it is intertwined with our very identity. We take pleasure in adorning ourselves with elements that reflect our culture, encapsulating who we are and our origins.
Diamonds and gold, cherished treasures, serve as our earthly connection, linking us to the natural world. Diamonds, in their raw form, lie hidden deep within the Earth, patiently awaiting discovery and illumination. There is a mesmerizing allure to their unrefined state, captivating the beholder. The untamed forces of nature, sculpting these gems over countless eons, are strikingly showcased.
Bohemian Raw Crystal elements epitomize the essence of natural diamonds. They delicately adorn subtle gold arches, radiating brilliance through the exquisite Bohemian Crystal.

As the new projects are coming to the production phase I'll be adding more designs as the time goes.
For now you can have a look at our work with Preciosa Lighting in the link below.
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